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ProCharger Superchargers System C7 Stingray - 2014+ LT1
Part Number 1GU212-SCI
ProCharger Superchargers System C7 Stingray - 2014+ LT1
ProCharger Superchargers System C7 Stingray - 2014+ LT1
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Building on a 20-year history of forced induction engineering and innovation, ProCharger is the first supercharger manufacturer to design and release a highly efficient air-to-air intercooled supercharger system for the C7 Corvette Stingray. With an original bracket design and belt-drive system unique to the C7 Stingray platform, ProCharger P-1SC-1 intercooled systems and tuner kits continue to lead the industry in OEM-style fit and finish, ease of installation, and reliable performance.

Our C7 Corvette Stingray HO Intercooled Systems with P-1SC-1 are supplied with proven tuning calibrations and a handheld programmer set for a 40% power gain over stock, on 7 psi of boost and pump gas. Higher boost levels and horsepower gains of up to 50% are possible with an Intercooled Tuner Kit and custom tuning, and even higher with modified motors. For hyper-custom racing builds, F-Series supercharger models up to the 10.5” volute
F-1X and F-2 can be installed without the need for additional brackets.

These ProCharger systems also give Corvette owners multiple options in both the performance and appearance arenas, with your choice of a vertical or horizontal-mounted intercooler, a supercharger air inlet with race-style filter or a factory air box interface, and either polished, satin, or black finish for the brackets and head unit.

ProCharger C7 Design Highlights

• 40% HP gain with P-1SC-1 on 7 psi, high quality pump gas
• Up to 50% HP gain with tuner kit, custom tuning
• Higher gains possible with modified motors
• OEM quality bolt-on design and finish
• First C7 supercharger system produced by a supercharger manufacturer
• Two air inlet options–OEM interface inlet or race air inlet
• Three supercharger and bracket finish options–Polished, Satin, or Black
• Largest intercooler options for the C7, with Vertical or Horizontal mounting
• Fastest installation out of our entire product offering
• Complete systems and tuner kits shipping February 2014
• Handheld Tuner available
• Retains the factory brake cooling ducts
• No relocation of ABS, ABS lines or any factory parts
• Only three silicone hoses and one metal tube in the entire ic system
• Large 24" x 9" x 4.5" core size for both intercooler options
• High-flow, factory drop-in replacement air filter for standard inlet option
• Allows upgrade up to F-1X and F-2 without bracket system modifications
• Factory balancer does not have to be removed (keyed from the factory)
• No trimming or cutting of the fascia, bumper, or radiator/fan shroud
• Systems available for both manual and automatic transmissions

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