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AutoCal V3 Tuning System
Part Number AutoCal-V3
AutoCal V3 Tuning System
AutoCal V3 Tuning System
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Looking for a versatile tuning system that will grow with your modifications? Need to program a newer 6 or 8 speed car or truck, but aren't able to meet up for our in person event? Would you like to be able to return the vehicle to stock before taking it in to the dealer for service, all but eliminating the likelihood of any warranty concerns? If the answer to any of those questions is YES, then our AutoCal is just what you have been looking for!

All tuning with our AutoCal is custom designed specifically for your vehicle, your modifications and your desired tune changes. We start off by having you collect your OEM tune file(s) as well as a scan of the vehicle's operating conditions while driving. Those items are sent in to us for diagnostic review and to build your tune files. Assuming all is acceptable to proceed, we then provide you with your custom files built for your vehicle. Copying and flashing those files takes just a few minutes.

The Details:

  • Programming of a wide range of 1998-2018 GM vehicles; everything that the EFILive V2 can program (Full Vehicle List)
  • Large, easy to read color screen
  • On-board memory allows the storage of up to 5 tune files and/or countless hours of logged data
  • Multiple vehicle licensing available on a single device! Up to 600 vehicles can simultaneously be tuned by a single AutoCal device with the purchase of additional service from Black Bear Performance. No other handheld offers this flexibility.
  • Full 2007+ GM 6 and 8 speed transmission tuning support (2017+ 8 or 10 speed transmissions excluded)
  • Window's PC or laptop running Win7 or higher required.
  • Existing customers that have purchased replacement computers may trade those computers in towards the purchase of the AutoCal. Please contact us directly for more details.
  • Additional vehicle tune purchase price is $400, which includes the tune service and software license.

Autocal Tune Update Policy:
  • For each vehicle tuned, we will provide updates on an as-needed basis at no additional cost for one year.
  • We reserve the right to modify that policy as we see fit and will notify all affected parties.

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